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Fire Safety Plans

If you own or manage a building in Vancouver, BC, you are legally responsible for the safety of the people who inhabit your building. This responsibility includes implementing a fire safety plan in case of a fire in your building. The goal of your fire safety plan is to protect your tenants, reduce damage to your building, and prevent further emergencies. Having an effective plan in place will give your tenants peace of mind and equip them with the knowledge to respond when required to evacuate the building in an emergency situation.

Phoenix Fire Prevention can help you draft a professional and comprehensive fire safety plan for use in your residential or industrial building located in Vancouver or surrounding areas. If you are a contractor, a building owner, or a property manager without a proper fire safety plan, call Phoenix Fire Prevention today!

Here are the types of buildings that we provide fire safety plans for:

  • Commercial/warehouse buildings
  • Apartments/condos/townhomes
  • Assisted living facilities/care homes
  • Government facilities/office buildings
  • Shopping centers/retail/warehouse stores
  • Commercial cooking/restaurant fire suppression

All of our fire safety plans work in accordance with BC fire codes and municipal bylaws, and will be catered to your specific building type. You can always trust us to be accurate and consistent with our fire safety plans!

We will set up an appointment with your local fire department to get approval so that you can implement your fire safety plan.

You should choose Phoenix Fire Prevention because we work hard to meet your deadlines so that you can focus on your ventures while offering other, expediting services sure to save you time:

  • Fire safety training classes
  • Production and installation of emergency, evacuation, suite, and code signage
  • Providing up-to-code fire extinguishers for your building

How we make your Fire Safety Plan

When you book your initial consultation, we will come to your building and do a tour to determine the type & location of your existing fire safety equipment and what equipment we still need to provide to you. After our initial visit, we will then go through the following steps to ensure you get a fire safety plan tailor-made for your building:

  • Provide you with a text file with the fire safety plan
  • Use AutoCAD drawings to add required information about your fire safety plan
  • Provide you with a copy of the plan to review
  • Make revisions to the plan based on your input
  • Send you and the fire department a physical and digital copy of your fire safety plan
  • Give you plaque signs for each floor in your building
  • Provide you with the fire department’s approval letter for your fire safety plan

If you are a building owner and need assistance creating a fire safety plan, would like to take our fire safety training class or use any of our other services, please call us today or book your appointment!

Phoenix Fire Prevention offers a wide variety of products and services to ensure its clients can maintain the highest standards of fire safety through preventative measures.  Whether you’re in need of a fire safety plan, fire alarm system, or fire response equipment, Phoenix Fire Prevention has top of the line products and services that can be customized to meet your needs.
Furthermore, Phoenix Fire Prevention strives to guarantee that our work meets and exceeds all local and provincial fire codes.
A full, detailed service report is provided to all clients in order to meet compliance requirements, and to assure you that you’re working with a company you can trust.


We Service, Install and Design the Following Fire Safety Equipment:

  • Fire Alarm and Detection Systems –  Small single zone systems to Large Mass Notification and Network Systems.
  • Emergency Lighting, Exit Signs and Exit Guidance Systems.
  • Portable Fire Extinguisher Sales, Service and Recharge.  We offer full and complete Recharge Facilities for all types of Portable and Wheeled Extinguishers.
  • Water Based Fire Suppression – Automatic Fire Sprinklers, Fire Pumps, Standpipe Systems, Water Mist, Fire Hose and Accessories, Fire Hydrants.
  • Special Suppression Systems – Carbon Dioxide, Water Mist, Argonite, Novec/FM-200, High Expansion Foam, Foam-Water, Twin Agent/Large Dry Chemical
  • Special Detection Systems – Carbon Monoxide, Heat Detection, High Sensitivity Smoke Detection, Flame Detection
Rob Carroll


40 years in fire protection/suppression

Astt certified 20 years in field fire protection

Operations Mgmt experience 20 year

Mechanical and Electrical Trained BCIT


  • Apartments/Condo’s/Townhomes
  • Commercial/Warehouse Buildings
  • Care Homes/Assisted Living Facilities
  • Government Facilities/Office Buildings
  • Retail/Warehouse Stores and Shopping Centres
  • Commercial Cooking/Restaurant Fire Suppression
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Fire Evacuation Training


Interested in working with us? Give us a call or send us an email. We will respond within 24 hours!

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