If you own a building in British Columbia, you are legally required to follow the BC Fire Code requirements. If you don’t, you are not only at more risk of having a fire, you will also face hefty fines and penalties. As the owner of the building, you are solely responsible to ensure your building has a proper fire safety plan and you need to make sure that your building complies with the BC Fire Code and Regulations.

You will also need to meet with your local fire department to go over your plan. If they deem that your plan meets the provincial fire code and any other city bylaws, they will approve and authorize your plan. They will also check that you have the proper steps for your tenants to safely evacuate the building in case of a fire emergency.

If you are a new building owner or an owner who hasn’t created a fire safety plan yet, this blog is for you! The following will outline what a fire safety plan is and the steps you need to take to ensure your plan will be authorized by your local fire department.

Fire Plan Code

First of all, you fire safety plan must follow the requirements that are set in section 2.8 of the National and Provincial fire codes.

What is a Fire Safety Plan?

When you make your fire safety plan, you need to hit three main objectives:

  • Fire Prevention: Control all fire hazards within your building.
  • Occupant Safety: This includes having routinely scheduled fire drills, and having trained personnel implement fire safety procedures.
  • Fire Control and Extinguishment: You will need to identify your building’s fire safety equipment and properly inspect and maintain it on schedule.

Every fire safety plan will be unique as it will be designed with your building in mind.It will be used as a reference manual for your tenants and your managers once it is approved.

You fire safety plan will outline your fire safety steps that will be taken to ensure you, your occupants, and your building is safe if a fire emergency does happen.

Fire Safety Equipment and Procedures

You will need to have a complete list of all your fire safety equipment you have on site. You will also need a document that details the duties for your human resources and administrative team in regards to the evacuation procedures. On top of that, you will need to explain how you will notify the fire department if your life and fire safety systems fail.

How do You Get a Fire Safety Plan?

If you need help creating your unique fire safety plan for your building in British Columbia, you can contact Phoenix Fire Prevention for assistance! We are fully licensed and insured fire protection contractor that can provide commercial and industrial buildings with a proper fire safety plan that will always get authorized by your local fire department. Call us today at (604) 534-6079 to get started on making your fire safety plan!


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