Fall Protection Vancouver

If you work in Vancouver in a job that requires you to work from heights, you will need to take a class that certifies you to work at height in regards to the OHS Regulations. At Phoenix Fire Protection, we offer a one-day fall protection course that will go through theory and practical training.

We use current and approved fall protection equipment to ensure you are getting the best hands-on instructions and techniques for fall protection. The training course will include instructions, demonstrating using fall protection equipment, and written exercises. You will also learn how to set up and work off lifeline systems, and learn how to do self-rescue from vertical lifelines.

OSSA Fall Protection

The trainers at Phoenix Fire Protections go through courses that were designed by an OSSA Accredited company and certifies them to train other people in fall protection.

When you take the OSSA Fall Protection program at Phoenix Fire Prevention, you will go through a day-long course that will include theory, knowledge, and tools for fall protection when you work at heights. The course will use video analysis and hands-on activities that each trainee will participate in.

Here are the objectives of the fall prevention course:

  • Understand and comprehend the fall protection regulations and fundamentals
  • Utilize methods that will help eliminate fall hazards
  • Learn about the components of fall arrest systems and personal travel restraints
  • Go through and understand all equipment limitations, specifications, inspections, and care
  • How to use methods for proper planning when you are controlling fall hazards
  • To always be prepared for action through rescue planning

Here is how the certification is structured in regards to the theoretical and practical portions of the course:

  • Fall protection planning
  • Anchor points
  • Fall accident stats
  • Harness fitting
  • Equipment inspection and care
  • Freefall and clearance calculations
  • Rescue principles
  • Fall arrest system components
  • Suspension trauma
  • Governing bodies and regulations

Fall Protection Equipment Inspection

In the fall protection course offered by Phoenix Fire Prevention, you will also learn about fall protection equipment and how to properly inspect them. You will be instructed on how to properly conduct equipment inspections on personal arrest system parts. You will go through hands-on and theoretical sections in this course.

The majority of the fall protection equipment inspection course will focus on inspecting the equipment, but you will also be taught how to manage and implement the equipment.

Here is how this part of the fall protection course breaks down:

  • Manufacturer’s requirements
  • Hands-on workshops
  • Record keeping
  • Storage and maintenance principles
  • Governing legislation
  • Standards bodies
  • Equipment tracking and marking systems

To sign up for the fall protection course at Phoenix Fire Prevention, please click the button below or call us at 604-534-6079.

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