While many home and business owners assume that a fire extinguisher will operate when they need it, what many do not realize is that extinguishers have expiry dates. As extinguishers are rarely used, they often collect dust over time and are forgotten or placed in closets. Despite us rarely using them, it’s vital to have extinguishers checked on regularly to ensure that they’ll work properly in emergency situations. Fire extinguishers are the first line of defense when dealing with a home or business fire. Read the following fire extinguisher and fire safety tips to make sure you’re ready.

Check for Damage

You will need to analyze the pull pin to be certain it’s in the right position. As fire extinguishers stay in a residential or industrial environment for several years at a time, they can take on a lot of physical harm, including corrosion, dents, leakage, and cracks. You need to inspect the nozzle to see whether it contains germs, dust, dirt, or leakage.

Inspect the Pressure Gauge Regularly

A pressure gauge needle has to be set within the optimal operating range. This area is often given a green tint to indicate what pressures fall within an acceptable range. Be sure to record your pressure examination dates on the extinguisher’s tag. This way you’ll be certain of the last time you made a pressure check.

Make Sure Your Fire Extinguisher is Visible

Be sure your extinguisher is in an easy to see the place. This will ensure that it’s always on your mind (red extinguishers tend to stand out) and it’ll remind you to check up on it more frequently for maintenance. Kitchens and fireplaces are two good fire extinguisher areas. Make sure they’re easy to reach. The last thing you want is to be frantically grasping for your extinguisher during a crisis situation.

Even though your fire extinguisher location may be obvious to you, make sure your family members or renters know where extinguishers are and how to use them in case of emergency.

Call for Help

Calling 911 should the first thing you do when encountering a fire. While fire extinguishers may be used for smaller fires, not all of us have experience using them and there’s always a possibility that they are damaged or have lower pressure. When it comes to fire, play it safe and contact the local fire department before attempting to put out the flames yourself.

Consider Fire Insurance

While small fires can be put out with a single fire extinguisher, others can grow to be large and overwhelming. Fire does not discriminate and will spread and cause structural damage and destroy your home’s contents as well. It’s smart to have fire insurance coverage. Policies can be very affordable and often come in bundled packages.

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